Monday, 8 June 2009

tri fold from Liz

email me for the cut file if you have DS
if not cut your card stock 11x5.1/2"
measure in 1.5" from the long edge & cut from 2" to 9"
turn around & repeat this creates the centre slits
if using the cut file the scoring is a little easier
as you just score at each rounded point.
when looking at you card in landscape you will
see you have 3 sections top middle & bottom
your scoring for your first score is 2" but only
score the top & bottom section, now score at 4"
all the way through, the same at 7" then at 9"
only the top & bottom sections, it does not matter
how you fold you card as it will fold either way
just start with your top & bottom fold the same
way & your middle fold must be the opposite

a lovely design of folding card, closed


I used SB, HA, HEA & WSC


  1. oh this is amazing...I love love this card cut...just not paotent enought to try it... you did an amazing job...I love what you did with pretty.

  2. Fabulous Rosy! I'm dying to try one of these. Yours is just amazing! xxD