Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Circle compartment card from Faith Scrappers UK

Cut out 5 circles of card & 6 circles of patterned paper
Cut one of the card circles into ¼ you will need 2 of these as your end caps for your card
Fold you card into ½ then open up & fold in ½ the other way so you create a cross then open up & fold again in ½ you will end up with 2 ¼ sections & 4 1/8th sections use your bone folder to make sure your have a good creased edge
Now cut out one of the1/8th sections & you have your
Pac Man do you remember them?
Now cover the pac man with one of your patterned paper circle I find PVA type of glue best, then cut down the middle of pac mans mouth & fold the flaps over & stick down again using PVA.
Take another patteren circle & cut it into ¼ then stick one of the ¼ onto the opposite side to the opening over your other creased mark, this just makes it nice underneath
So here is your first compartment, to stick together swing the 1/8 piece over the front of the LH ¼ piece & stick with PVA glue, effectively this is a card & you could just complete this with end caps to make it nice, to make it a multi compartment card continue making compartments following the previous instructions on this page, you can make 1-5 compartments, any more & I think the card would not open properly

So here are 2 completed compartments all you need to do is stick them together ensuring the peak fold is in the same position on each compartment hold these together, a good PVA only takes 1 min to dry
So now take your 2x ¼ pieces of card & cover them with ½ piece of patterned, choose some ribbon so you can secure your card shut
Loop your ribbon over the spine of the closed card secure with double sided tape then tie your ribbon to keep the card closed, now stick your end cap on using PVA, & there you have it!

Here’s a four compartment card I made earlier, I have inked the edges but with this thickness you could probably use peel offs to edge it

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  1. Wow Rosy! This is really cool! Can't wait to try one. Thanks alot for the great instuctions. Hugs, D