Friday, 10 April 2009

6 year old card

Here is the card i made for my daughters best friend, I welded 2 no. 6's back to back using DS in shadow SB then cut out a smaller no. 6 in paper can't remember the name of the paper but it's nice & happy, I welded the name Maisy again using SB & DS & cut this in mint pearlised card & used pop dots to raise it a little on the inside I used the birthday girl cut from SB in shadow & normal in an orange pearlised paper & a coloured paper underneath, I had to snip a bit off the bottom of the card to make sure it stood okay.


  1. Sooo cute Rosy! Love how the "girl" peeks out from the opening in the 6. Bet she was thrilled! xxD

  2. Wow, now that is just plain pretty clever! I can see a child just loving this!