Saturday, 9 May 2009

Did I go shopping!

Got back today lunch time from our family trip to Orlando FL had a wonderful time & just had to get all my shopping stuff together, am totally shattered so no energy to play, must give a really big thank you to TuMadre AKA Sandy who picked me up from Hard Rock Hotel where we were staying & took me shopping, we hit several Micheals & Joann's & Walmart just look at all the wonderful stuff I bought, Sandy even saved some coupons for me so I got some great discounts including a bonus purchase nudge nudge! the Disney carts were on sale at $30 I was like a kid in a sweet shop, If you are going to a foreign place I would highly recommend seeking out a buddy to help you shop this is what I did & it was such a pleasure to meet Sandy I would never of found the shops without her. the holiday was wonderful too although we felt a little out of our league as the hotel was so expensive, was a fantastic prize to win & the whole family had a great time, I really need to get off to bed now


  1. oh wow Rosy look at your goodies! fantastic! I bet you were so excited! Glad tou had a great holiday. I bet you can't wait to get over the jet lag and have a play! Welcome back


  2. My Goodness Rosy! What a haul! Hope you brought an extra suitcase. LOL Sounds like your holiday was fabulous! Welcome back! xxD

  3. Hi Rosy, glad you had a great time! What a fabulous collection of goodies - you must have had a ball shopping for that little lot!! Enjoy!! Kate xx