Thursday, 26 February 2009

baby girl card

here is a baby girl card I was commissioned to
make I had to lop the bottom off this one so the personal details were not exposed for some reason even thought I edited it in photobucket when you clicked to add the photo it lost the blanked out bit so had to delete that one in the end, I embossed, ribboned & punched this card mainly using the same format which I love & there you have inside my ribbon trade mark as Izzy likes to call it! Baby was cut using OA


  1. Oh Rosy
    What a beautiful card! They will be thrilled with it!


  2. Rosy, this is just too sweet and adorable! I'm sure they will be so pleased. I love it. TFS


  3. That is one beautiful card Rosy, I love the embossing squares down the side and the punched edge.

  4. As the person who commissioned the making of this card I just wanted to say how beautiful it was. It was lovely to have all the personal information on the front to make it unique from all the shop bought cards. I know that the parents I gave this card to still have it on their mantlepiece as a reminder of the special day their daughter entered the world. They received lots of lovely comments from their visitors on the card - it really did stand out as it was so beautiful. Thanks for doing me proud Rosy!