Thursday, 12 February 2009

Look what My Husband made me!

Well earlier this week you would have seen that Enfys had sent me some candy, in it was a lovely K&Company smitten valentines banner, so hubby shocked at the thought of valentines looming I suggested he made this up for me, my DH is not a creative type & winced at the thought but finally tonight he said he was going to make it but rather then me sit in the other room he insisted that I sit with him & coach, I was very hands off & let him work his way through it bit by bit I snuck off & got the camera turning the flash off so as not to startle him (like a rabbit in the head lights scampering off in the bush) but he did not flinch & was okay with the camera so flash back on I took some more, I am so proud of my sweet husband he seemed to enjoy it but felt very feminine doing it! he has to put up with a lot of crafting from me & is a real trooper, I love him to bits xx

This is a keeper. x


  1. Your husband did a FANTASTIC job. He is definiely a keeper :). Wish I could get mine to make me something. Not a chance.

  2. Just found your blog Rosy! Fabulous cards and what about your hubby making that beautiful banner! He did a great job!


  3. Wow, Now he is a Man and certainly a keeper!Has he got a Brother?