Friday, 6 February 2009

Valentine's card inna box

So here is my latest card design a commissioned piece for my friend to give her partner this valentines, I made this one a special box too, I used cricut SB cart with design studio for the border cutout & the tag from TBBM & the text on tag is from WC , I used the roller stamp for the insert in the box with plain black ink, but on the front of the card I used it on black card with clear embossing which gave the card a really luxurious feel a very inexpensive way of sprucing up plain paper. The text is computer generated, the inserts for the card are 2 A4 sheets of pearlised paper these are folded then I punched holes through both bits & set some eyelets in then threaded red satin ribbon through to give a really sexy feel to the card, the box is made to measure the size of card is approx 21x20cm the card for the box is cut @26x27cm then scored 1" all the way round, for the lid you score just a few mm less than 1" otherwise it will be too tight.


  1. Welcome to the blog world. Your cards are great. I can't wait to see what else you will be posting.

  2. Well look at you!!!... I am so impressed...aren't you excited... in a year you will be even more proud you have a blog...and you can post directly to the Cricut MB from your blogs...saves time it what I do now... in the box where you crated you post here on the your blog when you finish it all befor you hit post comment... highlight all of your post including your pictures then copy... it will paste right into your cricut mb posting spot... pictures and all... its wonderful... also go back an look at this very post here on your blog... see that space between the end of your comment you can get rid of that each time by going to the bottom of your post and clicking your cursuor below your text... the hit delete until you get to the end of the page...that takes away that blank spot.

    Congrats on you new blog.

  3. thanks for the tips Jeannie I also want to find out how to make my blog prettier is a bit too plain for me