Friday, 6 February 2009

I've finally done it!

Thats it now, I have taken the plunge after being exposed to so many wonderful Blogs shared on the cricut MB I just had to start one of my own. can't promise it will be anything fantastic but hey ho I will give it my best shot, gonna be finding my feet for a while so bear with me & watch this space!
Today see's the 2nd batch of snow we have had this week with just under a foot falling over night the children were very suprised when they looked out the window this morning, this is the first real snow my children have seen & played in so they were very excited today, with all the school's closed they are causing havoc but are now very quiet, usually means they are up to no good, we in most of the UK are never prepared for snow so when we get it most everything ginds to a holt! it does look pretty tho.

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